Fun, Unique Senior Photos Taken On Location

I specialize in seniors who either love, or hate having their photo taken.

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I've been a senior photographer in Metro Detroit for many years now and I absolutely love taking their photos. The Oakland County seniors I take photos of tend to fall into two very different categories. They either love getting their photo taken and are really looking forward to the experience, or they've been dreading it, can't wait to get it over with and are basically dragged kicking and screaming to their appointment for their senior photos. Which one are you? Which ones were which from my slideshow? Bet you can't tell!

It doesn't really matter to me if you're excited about geting your senior pictures taken or dreading it, because either way, we're going to have fun, keep it light, move things along and give you many, many unique, interesting and fun senior photos all taken on location that showcase you in all your uniqueness. What fascinates me most about senior photography is that within the course of an hour, I end up with hundreds of photos and within that hour of time, you will see what I do... in some of the photos you'll recognize yourself as the little kid you once were. In the majority of the senior photos, you'll look like you do right now. In others, you'll see the mature version of yourself and in a few photographs, there will be just a glimpse of the person you will eventually grow up to be. I have no idea how this happens or why, but I find it fascinating and it never ceases to amaze me.

I photograph all of my senior photo outside at locations I've selected for their variety of backgrounds, great lighting, easy (ish) access to changing rooms, and also locations that offer lots of shade. I'm located near Troy, Michigan, but I have many Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County and even Livingston County seniors who travel to me. The feedback I get from most of the seniors and their parents is that I end up providing a wonderful variety of images, they're thrilled they own the rights to the images of the senior, the like my style and approach and they don't have to keep coming back to me over and over again once they realize their needs are different than they originally thought. Hope you enjoy my latest crop of seniors... they're going to rule the world very, very soon.

© Marci Curtis