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Kristin & Dan - Catholic wedding ceremony in Troy, Michigan and reception at the Sterling Inn in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Michigan wedding photojournalist and Troy wedding photographer has made this blurry dance photo her signature wedding photo

Troy, Michigan wedding photojournalist gets pre wedding photo of a bride putting in her earrings before the wedding       Oakland County wedding photojournalist and Mi wedding photographer takes a photograph of a bridesmaid's excitement

Troy, Michigan wedding photography featuring brides and grooms getting ready before the ceremony       Michigan wedding photojournalist takes candid photos of last minute wedding prepartations

Troy wedding photographers take fun candid moments before, during and after the catholic wedding service.       Oakland county photographers can vary greatly, so look for one that has a strong photojournalism background, otherwise your michigan photographer will miss moments like these.

I love these fun wedding photographs of Dan taken before the ceremony. He and his Troy, Michigan groomsmen are having a blast.       I give all my couples, like this wedding couple from Oakland County, ownership of their wedding photos.

Troy Catholic wedding photos can provide a lot of fun moments that are great to photograph as a wedding photojouranlist.       Capturing fun wedding ceremony photographs is what I do as a Michigan wedding photojournalist.

Fun Michigan wedding photographer takes photos during the ceremony at a catholic service in Auburn Hills, MI       Oakland County wedding photographer takes candidn moments in church during a wedding service in Oakland County, MI

Michigan wedding photojournalist captures small moments like a couple's reaction during communion at the Troy, Michigan Catholic church       Troy wedding photojographs of a couple's nuptual kiss at the altar of their Auburn Hills catholic church

Troy Michigan wedding photos of a bride and groom heading back down the aisle after their Troy catholic wedding in Oakland County, MI       Troy wedding photographers capture fun moments like the group effort it took to get Kristin's veil from blowing away

Oakland County wedding photographers uses a short amount of time to get great, natural photos taken of the bride and groom using natural light whenever possible

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Bride and bridesmaids joke around while having their Troy Mi Catholic wedding photos taken       The groom gets covered by the bride's veil in this wedding photo taken by a photojournalist

A groomsman and bridesmaid make their grand entrance into the ballroom at the best western Sterlin Inn in Michigan       Groomsmen get chummy in this photograph taken at a reception at the best western sterling inn

A wedding guest spies the photographer during a crowded reception hall after a Michigan wedding in Troy       The bride plays peek a boo with a guest at her reception at the best western sterling inn

A guest flirts with this Troy, MI bride during her wedding reception at the sterlin Inn       bride and groom react to their toast during their wedding reception at the best western sterling inn

Michigan wedding photojournalist takes wedding photographs of the bride and groom dancing during the reception   Michigan wedding photojournalist takes wedding photographs of the bride and groom during their first dance at the wedding reception    The groom dips the bride after their first dance as husband and wife as photojournalist marci curtis captures moments like this in mi

A bride dances with her father during her wedding reception in Troy MI

wedding photojournalists capture great wedding moments like these sisters having a moment while their sister dances with their father       three sisters hug and cry as their sister dances her first dance in Troy MI

Don't ask me what this look is, but I love it.  It's all in fun at the wedding reception

Bride gets ready to toss her bouquet to waiting friends and family at the wedding reception at the best western sterling inn       Bride congratulates the bouquet grabber after the toss at their wedding recpetion in Troy Michigan

bride has a great time dancing at her wedding reception at the best western in sterling heights Michigan       this dance must be all girls because that's who chose to dance during the wedding reception of this Troy MI couple

Groom sings hail to the victors at his wedding reception in Troy Michigan as photographer takes pictures unnoticed

bride hooks one of the groomsmen with an invisible line during a dance at her wedding recpeption at the best western sterling inn in Michigan

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I hadn't met Dan or Kristin prior to the wedding, so imagine my surprise when a) the wedding is in Troy, Michigan, where I live and b) that both of these too good looking to be true wunderkind are the subjects of the wedding I'm shooting. So if you're wondering if most of my brides and grooms look like they are the captain of the Troy High football team and the head cheerleader - although I don't think they are typical Troy MI specimens... much closer to Disney's take on the whole football player/cheerleader thing. I digress. Anyway, I thought it was very sweet that even someone who looks like Kristen kept asking her friends and family before the ceremony, "Do I look pretty?". Take heart all of us normal looking people, even goddesses get the jitters and want to be told how pretty they look on their wedding day! As a Troy wedding photographer, I loved these getting ready photos. Everyone kept coming it, so there was lots going on and when I took photos of Dan outside, he tripped and fell over (which his groomsmen thought was hysterically funny!). Instead of asking if he was all right, all they wanted to know was if I'd gotten the shot (being a Michigan wedding photojournalist, of course I did!). The Catholic ceremony in Troy, Michigan provides a nonstop giggle fest, making for really fun wedding photography. If you're wondering about all the sidelong glances from Dan, it's because the priest kept calling him by the wrong name (granted it was his brother's name, but still, it is nice to get the groom's name right at least once during the wedding ceremony!). When he started botching Kristin's name to "Christine", everyone started roaring! I love the shot taken during communion of the couple quietly talking amongst the sea of people. I love taking fun Catholic wedding photography. There is plenty of time and this church allowed me a bit more room so I could see lots of faces in the "audience" as well as get nice fun wedding photos of the Troy bride and groom. By the time we got to the reception, the wedding party was ready to dance, dance and dance so more. They were a party machine. I don't mean drunk party, I mean having a great time of their life party. Kristen and her father shared one of the most emotional father/daughter dances I've ever had the pleasure to photograph. In the end, they all just danced the night away. Thanks for letting me photograph your awesome party! This is when it's the most fun to be a Troy, Michigan wedding photographer.

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