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All photojournalistic wedding photos shot by Rochester Hills, Michigan wedding photographer, Marci Curtis

Michigan photojournalist's Meadow Brook wedding at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, MI

Oakland County wedding photographer captures a groom to be taking a swig shortly before his Rochester, MI wedding         Meadowbrook Hall wedding photographer captures a groom to be struggling to put on his new wedding band before his Rochester, MI wedding

Meadowbrook wedding photography includes photos of the bride during final wedding preparations at Meadow Brook Hall in Michigan       Rochester Michigan wedding photographers takes photos of the bride being walked down the aisle during her Meadowbrook wedding

Rochester Michigan wedding photographer gets candid photos of the ushers blessing the couple during the wedding ceremony at Meadowbrook Hall in Rochester Hills MI             Oakland wedding photography captures candid moments as the bride reaches to embrace the flower girls after her Meadow Brook wedding.

Michigan wedding photojournalist gets a shot of the groom's sister getting a hug after the wedding ceremony in Michigan        Rochester Hills, MI wedding photojournalist takes detail shots of flowers at all her Michigan weddings

Meadow Brook Hall wedding photographer shoots photograhy using great available light in Rochester, Michigan at Meadowbrook Hall       Oakland University wedding photography features couples shot quickly, naturally posed with great light after their wedding ceremony in Oakland County, Michigan

Michigan wedding photography features the cutest flower girl in all of Michigan debating whether or not she's cold        Rochester Michigan photojournalist shoots quick and pretty photos of the bride and groom between the wedding at reception during their MI wedding in Oakland County

Meadowbrook Hall wedding photography features couples photographed quickly in natural poses with perfect light after their outdoor wedding at Meadowbrook Hall in Michigan

MI wedding photojournalist shoots candid photograhy as the bride tries to yank off her new ring in Rochester, Michigan       Michigan wedding photographer likes to capture photos of the groom,  with his family and the cutest old priest in the world at a Rochester Hills, Michigan wedding

Rochester Wedding photographer in Michigan showcases natural poses with bridesmaid's during Meadow Brook wedding       Meadowbrook Hall photographer in Michigan shows one of the groomsmen watching as photos are being taken at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan

Wedding photographer in MI favorite shot of the year was this one of Rachel shot overhead at Meadowbrook

Meadow brook hall photojournalist in Michigan takes candid photos of the bride and her grandma before the wedding reception at Meadowbrook hall in michigan       Rochester Wedding photojournalist in Michigan takes lots of natural photos of the bride playing with her guests during a break from her Rochester Hills wedding

Wedding photojournalist from Troy, MI takes many natural photos of the bridal couples throughout their wedding day in Michigan        Meadowbrook wedding photography  takes lots of candid moments of the groom, especially if he's wearing silly glasses during his Michigan wedding

Rochester Hills wedding photographers Michigan takes photographs of the bride spinning her wedding gown during her Michigan wedding       Oakland county Wedding photojournalist from Troy, Michigan takes photos of the bride enjoying seeing how much her dress spins during her Michigan wedding

Oakland County chis wedding photographer from Troy, Michigan takes photography shots of the bride and groom enjoying the toast during their wedding reception at Meadowbrook Hall in Michigan       Wedding photojournalistic style takes lots of candid moments of wedding couples enjoying their first dance in Michigan

Another great wedding photograph of the bride and groom dancing at their wedding at Meadowbrook Hall in Rochester Hills MI

Wedding photojournalist shoots lots of spontanious moments of wedding guests dancing during the wedding reception at Meadow Brook Hall in Michigan       Wedding photojournalist takes lots of unposed moments of wedding guests dancing during the wedding reception at Oakland University's Meadowbrook hall in Michigan

Wedding photojournalist Marci Curtis's  dancing photo taken during the wedding reception at Meadowbrook Hall in Michigan

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I'm using this space as a sort of blog for my wedding photography for Meadowbrook Hall in Rochester Hills, Michigan. I met Rachel and Peter a year before their wedding. They are wonderful and warm people and I was very excited about them and their wedding plans. We started the day at Rachel's maid of honor's house for the getting ready photos and then went to Meadowbrook Hall in Rochester, MI for final preparations. The Meadowbrook hall wedding ceremony was beautiful, but I was foiled at every turn by the priest who put his music stand (to hold the text) and himself between me and the couple. One of the big advantages to shooting outdoors is that I can deftly move around without detection until I get just the right angle. But like Visa, he was everywhere I wanted to be. I was able to capture all the emotion on their faces during the ceremony, but next time, I'll be looking for that portable lectern. No, one of the ushers is not posing for Hitler... during many and mostly Catholic wedding services, the priests often ask the guests to extend their hand towards the couple for the final wedding blessing. I love the wedding photos I got while we were waiting for everybody to reconnoiter in front of Meadowbrook Hall in Rochester Hills for the more formal wedding photography. Rachel was my first twirling bride, a technique I like to do now... doesn't always work, but when it does, it's great! During their dancing, I noticed that I might be able to get some cool shots from the balcony on the first floor of Meadowbrook Hall. I really love the one of them together. Very cool. As a Meadow Brook Hall wedding photographer, I felt I was able to take full advantage of all the beautiful surroundings. Anyway, these are just about the nicest couple with the greatest families. I'm shooting Rachel's maid of honor's wedding next year. She's marrying Peter's brother (who was also the best man). They officially fell in love the day of the wedding, so I love finding all the photos of them together throughout the night. So be sure to check back next year for their photo album!

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