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Diana and Fabian

On Location Metro Detroit Engagement Photographer

All photography sessions include;
full printing rights, on location shooting and all
the edited, fixed up and ready to print high resolution images on a CD.

If you are my wedding client, you'll receive $50 off on this and every future photo shoot!

engagement photos shot on location in Michigan

Michigan wedding photographer shoots engagement photos     Michigan photographer takes engagement photographs using photojournalist skills

engagement photography shot my Michigan wedding engagement photographer    MI wedding photographer takes engagement portraits on location

MI wedding photojournalists takes engagement portrait photography in Detroit

MI wedding photojournalist takes engagement portrait photography in detroit    

MI wedding photojournalists takes engagement portrait photography in Detroit

MI portrait photographer does engagement photography     MI portrait photographers does engagement photography

MI wedding photojournalists takes engagement portrait photography in Detroit

$300 for an hour's shoot. I come to you at the location of your choice (near Troy, please!).

$550 for a two hour shoot... great for multiple locations.

Please add $50 for sessions if you want me to travel 20-50 miles from Troy. If it's a local shoot, there are no travel fees.

You get all 200 +/- of the ready to print images on a CD within two weeks.

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I'm a Michigan wedding photojournalist, and a professional photojournalist who now shoots lots on location engagement photo sessions around the metro Detroit Michigan are. I'm a Michigan photographer and I'm hoping the MI Wedding Photographer Search Results for portraits, engagement photos and engagement photographer, engagement photography, and engagement photographers will all somehow let you find me - Marci Curtis! I'm working and to work as a wedding photojournalist in Michigan or MI as it's sometime referred to. I'm a Michigan wedding photographers in case you thought I was two people! Or I could be called a Michigan portrait photographer as well as a Michigan wedding photographer. I find it helpful to shoot an engagement session with my metro Detroit area wedding couples. It lets us get to know each other a bit before the big day. I like shooting on location because it lets me get a great variety of engagement photos. How can you say no? Besides, we get to know each other better and that makes the wedding day even more relaxing. So now I do engagement photography and take candid engagement photos. You might also have found me under michigan engagement photographers, engagement photography,photographer or just photojournalist!

Photojournalistic style is a from of photography that this Michigan wedding photojournalist who is located in Detroit, Michigan uses to shoot engagement portraits, photos, ephotos and photographs. As soon as we're done with the shoot, you own the rights to all your images and photos. The engagement photos I took for this page were taken at Cranbrook. As a Michigan wedding photojournalist, I like to get to know a couple away from our initial meeting and shot on location somewhere in metro Detroit where we can get natural engagement photography accomplished. If you are looking for a nice professional wedding photojournalist in the Detroit area of Michigan, I might just be the person you're looking for. I'm an engagement photographer and have been shooting weddings for 15 years, but been a photojournalist for over 20. I now work and live in Troy, MI, and shoot family portraits as well as engagement photography

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On Location Metro Detroit Engagement Photographer