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Outdoors On Location Michigan Engagement Photography

All photography sessions include;
full printing rights, on location shooting and all
the edited, fixed up and ready to print high resolution images on a CD.

If you are my wedding client, you'll receive $50 off on this and every future photo shoot!

engagement photos shot on location in Michigan

Michigan wedding photographer shoots engagement photos     Michigan photographer takes engagement photographs using photojournalist skills

engagement photography shot my Michigan wedding engagement photographer

MI portrait photographer does engagement photography     MI portrait photographers does engagement photography

MI portrait photographer does engagement photography     MI portrait photographers does engagement photography

$300 for an hour's shoot. I come to you at the location of your choice (near Troy, please!).

$550 for a two hour shoot... great for multiple locations.

Please add $50 for sessions if you want me to travel 20-50 miles from Troy. If it's a local shoot, there are no travel fees.

You get all 200 +/- of the ready to print images on a CD within two weeks.

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If you're still reading for information about on location engagement photography you've come to the right place. I've included this bit here so that you could locate me and see for yourself if this portfolio of Detroit engagement photos is what you're looking for. I'm a Michigan wedding photojournalist, and a photojournalist by training who now shoots lots of weddings in Michigan, but mostly in the Oakland County area and the metro Detroit vicinity. I enjoy shooting my Michigan engagement portraits on location so I can get a variety of unique and different backgrounds and scenes for my Michigan engagement photography. I'm a Michigan portrait photojournalist as well as a Michigan wedding photographer, or if you typed in Michigan wedding photographers. Michigan wedding photography and epotos or e-photos are what people on the Knot call them. I'm going by what my brides say, but I'm not sure it that's the new correct and hip term for engagement photography. Michigan engagement photos are something I added last year because my couples wanted me to provide them with great engagement photos and so now I do engagement photography. You might also have found me under michigan photographers,photographer, photography, or just plain old photojournalist. You will get a disk with all the images I've shot within two weeks of the engagement photo shoot.

Photojournalistic style wedding photography has become extremely popular and it's easy to use my photojournalist skills to shoot natural looking engagement photos that don't look like high school yearbook photography! I'm a Michigan wedding photojournalist located in Oakland County Michigan and I'm happy to shoot engagement photos, portraits or photographs. I give you the rights to all images and photos when I shoot them. The engagement photos I took for this page were taken at Cranbrook. As a Michigan wedding photojournalist, I like to with couples before the wedding. It makes couples feel more comfortable and relaxed and they have tons of great engagement photos to use to promote their wedding and themselves! I try to do most of my engagement photography at a nice location somewhere in metro Detroit area. If you need a happy, professional wedding photojournalist in the Detroit area of Michigan to shoot your wedding, than I'm your photographer. I can now considered myself an engagement photographer and have been shooting weddings for 15 years. I have been a working photojournalist for over 20 years. I now work in Troy, MI, and shoot family portraits as well as engagement photos

I try to stick pretty close the the Oakland county area for engagement photos. Many times couples will scout out a nice location here in Troy or nearby in the Oakland County area and we'll meet there for the engagement or e-photo session.

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On Location Michigan Engagement Photography