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Favorite Michigan wedding photojournalist photos from 2010.

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Metro Detroit, Michigan wedding photographer and photojournalist, Marci Curtis shares her Michigan wedding gallery from 2010. These photos are partly what set me apart from other Detroit wedding photographers in the area and are part of the wedding photo gallery that helped get me voted "Favorite Michigan Wedding Phototographer" from brides in 2010!

This year featured a huge variety of weddings shot in the metro Detroit area. I shot more traditional weddings and far more unconventional weddings as well. This year started the trend of having wedding photographers shoot a reenactment of weddings that had taken place up to a year prior. Basically, this year started the trend for married couples to have a wedding reception with all the trimmings, including having this Detroit based wedding photojournalist come along to take portraits as well as catch any fun and candid wedding moments. It's an interesting trend and I hope it continues. The couples I shot this year were very low key and very into enjoying their Michigan weddings thoroughly without a lot of drama!

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