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This slideshow features real seniors from around Oakland County, Michigan. I try to make their photo sessions fun, keep it entertaining and try to get a great variety of photos for my seniors to choose from. This is a collaboration with the student where they get lots on input and control over the way their senior photos turn out. What I love most about shooting senior photos is that depending on their clothes, the angles of the shots or the mood, all of these students at times look like they did when they were little kids, then they look like they do now and I also get glimpses of who they're quickly becoming. I think it's important to capture all the complexities of their personalities. All of the seniors I've photographed are multitalented, have diverse interests and strengths and are really hard to define in one photo. So I take lots and lots and lots of images.

After I fix the senior photos up, I send a disk with all the finished, ready to print photos to my clients. I will fix blemishes and add names and the year of graduation to up to five photos of their choice afterwards. Some of these photos are shot at wonderfully fancy places in Oakland County, others are shot in the senior's backyard or favorite park. As long as the senior is happy and comfortable, I can get great photos. If a parent or sibling wishes to tag along for the session, I will insist that they are there as a cheerleader and helper only. Just to forewarn you... if you are there to criticize, control, nit pick or making the senior stressed out in any way shape or form, you'll be sent packing! This is supposed to be a fun session and it is the senior's chance to shine, their moment in the spotlight and that's tough to do if the student is being raked over the coals during the photo shoot. As you can see from the slideshow, senior photos can be a great expression of who they are at this moment in time. Thanks for watching.

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