Rachel & Andrew’s Cherry Creek Wedding in Shelby Township, Michigan

“Just a minute, folks… I’m not quite done yet!”

Sometimes, both the bride and the groom are pretty darn playful!

And sometimes the groom is just plain silly!

I really do hate to sound like I’m cutting and pasting my wedding blogs, but really…. what is up with this weather!!! Each and every Saturday is moody, broody and would give most couples the willies! With thunderstorms predicted and downright gruesome clouds moving in half an hour before the ceremony (I know… this all sounds hauntingly familiar!), neither Rachel nor Andrew gave the thunderclouds more than a cursory “gee… I hope it doesn’t rain” sort of off hand remark! Ten whopping raindrops later, it blew over, the sun came out for the entire ceremony and as soon as we started taking group shots, in rolled more gruesomeness (nothing like making a group hustle like an imminent downpour!). Again, those blew away and we were left with gorgeous, puffy and cool clouds for an awesome portrait! Andrew is SUCH a ham, so ridiculously silly (as were all of his groomsmen… go figure!), I’m sure all his high school students love him! Rachel was very glamorous and once she got into it… loved playing to the camera and the camera sure loved her right back! We moved into Cherry Creek’s banquet hall which is a beautiful venue in all seasons and easy to photograph to make it look as gorgeous as it is. My only beef (and lack, thereof!) with Cherry Creek is that they treat their vendors very, very shabbily. They insist couples buy us dinner and then give us what ever is left over (always seems to be chicken stuffed with the mushrooms  that I’m allergic to… and never the mushroom free beef!) and always serve us last (which is tough when your food arrives just as the bride and groom are ready to rock and roll!). The management acts like we’re totally in their way and putting them out. Most often halls know we’re all a team with the same goal… making the day 100% smooth and fabulous for our bride and groom! I suppose it really doesn’t matter how they treat us as long as the bride and groom are treated perfectly. Then it doesn’t matter. I just know when I pull up to Cherry Creek that I’ll be pulled six ways to Sunday by the staff and treated like a third class citizen.  I’m hoping all of this never, ever rubbed off on the bride and groom and I don’t think it did… they seemed to be having a GREAT time! If you’d like to see more photos from this wedding, check out my other blog at www.themichiganweddingphotographer.blogspot.com.

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  • Marci CurtisAugust 5, 2009 - 2:13 pm

    And my groom responded….BTW….I read your blog and completely agree with you about the service of cherry creek. I have already made my disappointment known to the management and have vowed to NEVER spend another dime at that course. Brides and grooms want to feel special at their wedding, and as far as I am concerned, cherry creek missed the boat.ReplyCancel

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