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Wedding couple at twilight during a winter wedding on the rooftop of the Whiskey Factory downtown Detroit, Michigan. A bride heads back over a barricade in front of their wedding venue, The Waterview Loft downtown Detroit, Michigan. Yes, we did have permission from the police to be there. A couple laughs in the rain during their wedding at the Pine Knob Mansion in Clarkston while a bride raises her arms in success after getting her wedding dress zipped at the Fenton Brewery. Fantastic sunset wedding on a sand bank in the middle of a river in Jackson, Michigan makes for a gorgeous, once in a lifetime wedding photo. The best man cries during a wedding at Addison Oaks in Leonard, Michigan and a bride gets ready in a fractal mirror for her wedding at the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel downtown Detroit, Michigan. We took advantage of some crazy clouds during a full moon on my way out the door at the end of a wedding at the fabulous Addison-Oaks on the Buhl-Estate in Leonard, Michigan. The groom dries the bride's eyes after an emotional First Look at her church in Troy, Michigan. Creating works of art during any given Metro Detroit, Michigan wedding is part of my job as a favorite Detroit based wedding photographer like this couple surrounded by their wedding party in Hart Plaza downtown Detroit. Two couples having fun at Winton Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland during a summer destination wedding in Scotland as well as a wedding at Long Acre House in Farmington Hills, MI. A bride cries during her first dance in Macomb County, Michigan as she sings along to the song with her groom. The groom sort of tries to keep his bride dry during their wet destination in Northern Michigan on Walloon Lake during a soggy fall wedding.

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TWELVE time winner of best and favorite Detroit Michigan Wedding Photographer Awards

My amazing wedding photography clients have made me a 12+ year winner of "Best Wedding Photographer"
in Troy and the Metro Detroit, Michigan area from Wedding Wire, The Knot, as well as recognition from Expertise and Top 3 Rated!!

What's YOUR love story?

Let's document your wedding day story in a fun, intimate and candid way!

A bride looks back at the wedding party just before a storm hit at the Twin Lakes Golf Club in Michigan.
Creating works of art during any given Metro Detroit, Michigan wedding is part of my job as a favorite Detroit based wedding photographer like this couple surrounded by their wedding party in Hart Plaza downtown Detroit.

Think all the best wedding photographers in Detroit, Michigan are the same?

♥  Are you looking for an experienced photojournalist to document all the candid wedding day moments that make your wedding day uniquely you?

♥  Will having a wedding expert make your wedding easier and stress free? Yes! With over 1,300 amazing weddings under my belt, I'm hard to rattle, always happy to help and am a great resource to use. I've got answers to all your questions.

♥  Is capturing all the amazing moments of your wedding day a top wedding photography priority? And you also was a few storytelling epic portraits too?

♥  The wedding photos aren't just about you, they're about capturing your friends, family and guest's stories too!

♥  If you're worried about looking awkward, don't worry. I've got your back. Almost 90% of my clients are just like you. Bet you can't find the "awkward" ones!

♥  I'm also a de facto wedding coordinator who helps create a timeline giving you as much connection time with your guests and maximizing fun.

♥  Are you looking for a helpful, supportive, kind, slightly funny photographer who will advocate for you at every turn to help ensure your wedding day is as stress-free and fun as humanly possible?

♥  Photographing weddings is my happy place. I love sneaking around capturing things you never saw and am always looking for unique opportunities to create one-of-a-kind wedding photos.

♥  Oh, and I take freaking awesome photos too! I'm super proud of my 5 star rating!

★   ★   ★   ★   ★

Marci is an absolute A+! Marci was a calming presence, she never brought problems to us, only solutions, she was completely flexible, kept us smiling even when we felt stressed. We cannot recommend her highly enough!

Grace A

Michigan wedding photography celebrating diversity in couples, older couples, LBGTQ couples, Jewish couples, muslim couples, Black couples, multi cultural weddings.

The Michigan Wedding Photojournalist & Detroit Photographer's Mission Statement Of Inclusion:

♥  Love stories come in every size, race, religion, age, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation and tradition.

♥  If you are a loving couple, I would be honored to capture the joy surrounding your big day.

♥  Where there is love, there is a story worth telling.

♥  Having grown up overseas, I appreciate, understand and relish different cultures and traditions.

♥  Let's celebrate the heck out of everything that is unique about you, your relationship and your wedding day.

LGBTQ Plus friendly wedding photographer in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area. Queer and gay friendly wedding photographer is happy to join your team.

★   ★   ★   ★   ★

Marci was an absolute Godsend!! She captured our perfect day in spectacular fashion and added to our joy with her wonderful energy.


My Metro Detroit Area Wedding Photography Pricing & Packages Include All Of The Following:

- You have full rights to view, print and use your wedding photos however you'd like!

- Access for a year to a secure online gallery of hand edited, high resolution digital files prepared for downloading and/or printing. Clients usually receive over 1,000 ready to use wedding photographs.

- Print directly from a professional lab connected to my site or print them yourself, your choice.

- Digital files are delivered within TWO FREAKING WEEKS of your wedding day!

- Email consultations to work on timelines to maximize your fun and time with your guests.

- A digital planning guide is included at booking to get you off to a great start.

- Professional, award winning, five-star and experienced photojournalist's coverage throughout the day.

- My stellar reputation after photographing over 1,300 weddings and having over 1,300 ecstatic couples who love vouching for me!

- Click for all my wedding pricing options,

Detroit, Michigan wedding photography featuring epic portraits and fun moments from the wedding day.
A grandmother introduces the groom to one of the wedding guests at the Strawberry Lake Lodge in Pinkney, Michigan.

★   ★   ★   ★   ★

Marci captured the most magical moments from our special day and was honestly a breath of fresh air! She was incredibly professional and flexible and paid such close attention to the little details that can easily be missed. Through looking at her photos, we are able to go back and relive our wedding day over and over again. I honestly can't stop looking at them! She captured so much love and happiness from that day and we are forever grateful! She is honestly the best of the best and we can't say enough great things about her. Trust us, you will not be disappointed with her work!!


Looking for some of the best WEDDING INFORMATION?

♥  Please click for galleries, pricing, availability, answers to questions, and every other thing you might want to know about me like how I photograph weddings and what your wedding day experience would be like with me.

♥  I have a gazillion sample photos on my website so you can get a really good idea of the kinds of photos I capture.

♥  Finding something that tells your unique wedding day story is what I'm searching for during every wedding.

♥  Every couple has unique needs and every wedding IS different, so it's always fun for me to find all those mini stories going on around you (and behind your back).

Creating works of art during any given Metro Detroit, Michigan wedding is part of my job as a favorite Detroit based wedding photographer like this Grandmother interrupting a moment in the bathroom between the bride and her wedding party in downtown Detroit.

★   ★   ★   ★   ★

From the start of our planning process to the end of our wedding day, Marci was an amazing photographer and human being! She provided invaluable insights, expertly captured everything we were looking for, and surprised us with special moments that we didn't even know we wanted. And we're still amazed at the turnaround that Marci was able to send us our photos, delivering more than 2,100 amazing photos so quickly, and not sacrificing any quality in doing so! You will not regret hiring Marci to be your wedding photographer.

Eric A

Dynamic, fun Detroit area portraits with high school seniors, babies, maternity and more.

No, Marci... I want PORTRAIT INFO!

Oh, sorry! Click for information about high school seniors, babies, maternity, boudoir, engagement, kids, family, branding, lifestyles, product and modeling photography.

Is there anything I don't photograph? Believe it or not, the portrait side of my career started with wedding couples asking for other sorts of photography.

Capturing the personality in the portraits is so much fun. I try to keep the sessions moving along and fun.

If you're looking for super posed, typical portraits, I might not be the photographer for you.

Almost all of my sessions are done outdoors, are about capturing who you are at this moment in your like. The images are dynamic and personality-filled images without the stress of perfection.

★   ★   ★   ★   ★

Her vision is like nothing I have ever seen before. On top of her amazing talent, she is such a genuine woman! The next time we need a photographer, I'm calling Marci.

Sarah Z


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Email: [email protected]
Office Tel. (248) 688-9294

So... Who Is Marci Curtis?

I'm an experienced fun, relaxed, expert Michigan wedding photojournalist and wedding photographer. I'm a total professional, a bit silly, and I enjoy the heck out of life. I also end up getting photographed quite a bit while working. Here are some photos of me taken in the last couple of years.

TWELVE time winner of best and favorite Detroit Michigan Wedding Photographer Awards

And if by chance, you're actually curious to know more about me personally, you can either check out my bio or my professional Facebook page for info and to see my latest "Sneak Peeks" from every ceremony I photograph.

Who took all these photos of me working? I only took one of them. The rest were done by either my favorite husband, Rodney Curtis , clients, fellow wedding photographers or friends.

Overwhelmed by wedding planning ?
Let me help you.
I am always happy to pitch in.

It can be overwhelming looking through all the zillions of wedding photographer's websites we have here in Michigan. After a while all the wedding photographers might start to look the same, right?

What makes me different? Lots of things, but mainly that I am a fun, relaxed, expert, creative, laid back, photojournalist who consistently provides ALL her clients a unique, fun, super chill wedding day experience at an affordable price. Like EVERY time.

This whole wedding photography stuff may be new and stressful to you, but for me, this is my comfort zone. I quit counting after photographing 1,300 weddings. There is literally nothing that rattles me. I've seen it all before and I've got you covered.

So how do you find a wedding photographer you LOVE? When you look at the photos, do they make you FEEL something? Can you see the story behind the wedding photos? Do you want to know more about what's going on in these wedding photos? If you are laughing, tearing up or stunned, you're onto something. You may have just found the perfect wedding photographer for YOU.

So why do I brag about winning "Best Wedding Photographer" near Detroit, Michigan over 12 freaking years in a row? Because I am the ONLY wedding photographer in the Metro Detroit area who has earned this incredible honor. These awards are because of my fantastic clients. My couples love what I do and they want you to know that too! They sing my praises loudly, so try Googling my name to see all the great reviews for yourself.

And what is your style? Are you a photojournalist or a documentary wedding photographer? Well, yes. Photojournalism and documentary (and editorial and realistic wedding photography) all mean the same thing. The wedding photos don't have filters added in processing, they are correctly exposed and show the wedding day as it looked in real life. That means a lot of candid photos, a lot of people having fun posing (so even the posed wedding party photos represent your group in a more real way) and all those unguarded, behind the scenes moments. There will always be something timeless about a documentary / photojournalist's wedding photography.

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Marci, I'm sick of reading. I want to see more wedding photos and I want to see them now! Okay, hold on, Veruca Salt.
Here's where you can find some of my favorite wedding photography galleries
from around the Metro Detroit area. See if you can see why I've earned a 99.8% satisfaction grade from customers and have a 5-star rating.

Does my wedding photography look any different to you than all the gazillion other wedding photographers in Michigan? Can you see tons of wedding day moments? As a true photojournalist by training, I can spot moments coming a mile off and capture them as they happen. Can you spot all the epic wedding portraits that highlight something unique about the couple or the setting they were in?

I love the challenge of quickly finding a way to create a really unique wedding day portrait of the couple that no one expects. That blend of candids, reality and amazingly unique portraits are also what set me apart from other wedding photographers in Michigan.

★   ★   ★   ★   ★

How can I thank you for another wonderful wedding? You truly made the day perfect! Our family loves you! Please don't ever leave Michigan!

Cherie - Mother of Two Clients

You've Got Questions? I've Got Answers!

All About My Detroit Michigan Wedding Photography Business

What Style of Wedding Photography is a Wedding Photojournalist? I Just Want Candid Photos From Our Big Day!

I'm a Michigan wedding photographer based near Detroit, Michigan with many years of professional photography experience as a working photojournalist for the Associated Press, the Ann Arbor News, and freelancing for the Detroit News and Free Press. I switched exclusively to photographing Michigan weddings about 20 years ago and have now documented over 1,300 happy couples with their unique wedding day stories. My clients love my extremely unobtrusive style of photography, that I'm very easy going and that I appear to be everywhere, yet unseen! I also have a reputation as one of the best-rated, most affordable Michigan wedding photographers in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area. I'm certainly the most affordable Michigan PHOTOJOURNALIST in Detroit with the most wedding experience, that's for sure! I'm not inexpensive, but I provide the best customer service, best quality and best "bang for your hard-earned buck" for clients getting married on a budget who value photography, but want someone affordable. I also have a super fast (two week) turn around time with my images that my wedding clients LOVE!

Environmentally Friendly Wedding Photographer

In 2016 I made a lot of changes to my photography business to go as "green" as possible. To create an eco-friendly photography business, we added solar panels to our work space, now have all hybrid and electric vehicles and changed our delivery system to all electronic. Hopefully we've greatly reduced our carbon footprint. I don't for a minute believe I can save the world one photography business at a time, but I would be disappointed in myself if I didn't try to do my bit to make this world just a little bit greener and safer.

Wedding Photography Information: Pricing, Albums, Portfolio, Tips and Question and Answers

My clients receive over 1,000 edited, touched up and ready-to-print high resolution images they have full printing rights to within two weeks of their big day. All of my wedding pricing and packages are listed on my site. I think it's important to take all the guess work out of finding and comparing all the wedding photographers near the Metro Detroit, Michigan area so they can find the best, most affordable photographer to fit their budget. I've raised my prices twice in 14 years.

A La Carte add ons to my wedding photography packages include the 11x14 inch albums that I create. If you're looking to put together your own album, I've got a great resource guide. I can also add in a second photographer, extra hours and extra photo retouching services.

I've got a billion samples showcasing some of my favorite wedding photography from all venues all over the Metro Detroit area displayed in slideshows so you can see not only my "best of" wedding portfolios from each year, but also see that each couple's photos are as unique as they are!

Since I've photographed so very many celebrations, I've included a section for wedding planning and wedding day tips and I've got a pretty extensive Q & A page that should help to answer a lot of your questions about how I work as a Michigan wedding photojournalist. Ask me anything, anytime... I'm always happy to help!

Detroit Area Wedding Vendors I Highly Recommend

I've included links to my favorite and best Michigan and Detroit based wedding professionals in hopes of steering you towards people I've worked with and know bring something special to the celebration day experience. Anybody who is on this list is someone I've worked with enough times to know they are true professionals, LOVE what they do and can make "it" happen at each and every wedding.

Tooting My Own Horn

I rely on the happy referrals of my clients to keep my wedding photography calendar full, but if you're looking for reviews from places like the Knot, where I'm in their "Hall of Fame", you'll find lots of reviews I've received over the years. Those all come from my Michigan couples who are happy to spread the good word! I do have a rave review section, where I post thank you cards couples send me. I also love it when clients who love my photojournalistic style of wedding photography post their reviews on sites like; Wedding Wire so everyone can read about their experience with me and my photography services. I also made a "Best Wedding Photographers" list several years running for "Top Wedding Photographers in Michigan" from Expertise! They reviewed hundreds of the top Metro Detroit wedding photographers. The list is super impressive; I'm psyched and honored to be on it! Thanks to all my Detroit area couples who voted for me as their "Best Detroit wedding photographer and Detroit wedding photojournalist" 12+ years in a row!

Here's a super cool award I won in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 for "Top 3 Best Rated Wedding Photographers in Detroit, Michigan". Crazy cool, right?!?

Best Wedding photographers in Detroit

This year I was invited to join the Better Business Bureau because of my stellar reputation as a highly rated wedding photographer in Metro Detroit!

Accredited Better Business Bureau Michigan wedding photographer.

This is a new site that ranks all things wedding related called "Wedding Rule". Made their top 25 Michigan Wedding Photographers for 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024. Yay!

Best Wedding photographers in Detroit from Wedding Rule

And this award is also super cool. Only 23 out of over 250 wedding photographers were picked by Expertise as "Best Wedding Photographers in Detroit, Michigan". This is my 5th year to win this one!

Top Wedding Photographer in Detroit

All About My Detroit, Michigan Portrait Photography

Looking for information about senior photos near the Metro Detroit area?

I'm obsessed with photographing high school seniors! I find them informative, inquisitive and I always learn something new from them. All my sessions are outdoors and scheduled Monday - Thursday in the afternoons and evenings. I've got tons of senior photo locations as well and a page with tips and help for seniors to get the most out of their sessions with me.

Actually, Marci, I'm expecting a baby! Do you photograph pregnancies and take maternity photos?

Yes! I do photograph pregnant women with their baby bellies. It's an interesting, strange time to have your body morph so completely and while I do take more traditional maternity photos, it's also fun to show how challenging and awkward your new body can be with a lifestyle maturity session.

That was such a long answer, I now HAVE a baby! Do you take photos of newborns and infants?

Honestly, I'm not sure there are better things in the world than photographing newborn babies. These sessions aren't rushed. They are calm and are all about cuteness without any stress. I don't put babies into awkward poses, I just celebrate who they are in their first week or two on earth.

Quit pushing babies, Marci... I am just looking to propose!

Congratulations! Proposals can be tricky and require a bit more planning on both our parts. Some locations need permits and/or permissions. I can help you with that and come up with a plan so it's not so obvious what's about to happen.

They said "YES"! So now I'm looking for an engagement session.

Yay! Check out my list of engagement session locations I love to use, or you can create a custom package if that's your thing.

I'm looking for one of those schmexy sexy boudoir / glamor sessions.

Fantastic! Women find my sessions to be empowering and fun. I've got lots of ways to make you look your best and delight your partner. EVERYONE feels nervous. Honestly, the strangest poses can look amazing, but you'd never know that from looking at the photos.

I need new headshots, well, for EVERYTHING!

No worries! Whether you want to update your photos after you've freshened up your look and need something for your acting or modeling portfolios or you're just looking for nice images to use for whatever purpose, I've got you covered. These sessions are outdoors for a contemporary and modern feel that everyone is looking for. Let's show your personality off a bit, shall we?

I'm working on branding and website photos for my business. Can you help with that?

Of course! Since a website is often the first thing potential clients and customers see about you, why not get personality-filled images that show off your space, your stuff and your staff to bring people to you? I can certainly help with that.

Oh Yeah - I've also had THREE children's books published as the Author and Illustrator!

I wrote and photo illustrated three children's books for Penguin Putnam that got picked up by the fabulous Dolly Parton and her "Imagination Library" book club, which means there are over 2,000,000 copies of my books all over the country!

My three published books are; "Big Sister, Little Sister","Big Brother, Little Brother" and "I Was So Silly; Big Kids Remember Being Little".

If you're looking for my most current published work, you'll find it on my blog. It's parked at marcicurtis.com/blog/. Keeping the blog current isn't my top priority (my clients all get that #1 slot!), but I do try to post some fun shots, current wedding trends and advice along the way.

People always misspell my name, so if you're looking for Marcy Curtis or Marcie Curtis or Marcy Kurtis or Marcie Kurtis you should still be able to find me.

That's all folks! Quit reading this and go check out all the cool photos I have on the site!

Click here for a sitemap to my whole photography web site to help you navigate!

All images, content and words are copyrighted by Marci Curtis and may not be used without her written permission. My clients share ownership of the photos and may print from their original files, but YOU may not!

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