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Michigan senior photographer takes photos of seniors on location through Oakland County, Michigan

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Detroit senior photographer takes photos in downtown Detroit, Michigan on location.                  Auburn Hills offers a hometown feel to senior photos as well as having great water and fall features for senior pictures in Metro Detroit, Michigan.

One of my favorite places to take senior photos is in the Rochester, Michigan area.                  One of my favorite places to take senior photos is in the Rochester, Michigan area.

Troy Michigan senior photos shot on rural location for romantic feel within a metro Detroit area.                  ALT=

Troy Michigan senior photos shot on rural location for romantic feel within a metro Detroit area.                  Birmingham, Michigan senior photo locations offer parks, lakes and a touch of an urban feel.

Destination senior photos are available if you're looking for photos that are completely unique.                  metro parks provide excellent senior photo backgrounds for my more outdoors oriented seniors from the Oakland County Michigan area.

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I have locations that suit just about every personality and style you want!


• All my packages include high resolution, edited, fixed up and ready to print digital files.

• Your digital files arrive within two weeks of the session to a password protected site. You can download and print to your heart's content.

• I deliver around 200 edited and ready to print images for every hour I photograph.

• There are lots of locations all over Oakland County, Michigan to choose from that showcase senior's interests and personalities.

• Life is short, so let's play during our session. I'm capturing a quick moment in time, so let's have some fun together.

• This isn't about straining for perfection, it's about freezing a slice of life, capturing your uniqueness in a fun and unobtrusive way.

• The Metro Detroit area has a great variety of cool places to photograph outdoor, on location senior photos. When I pick locations, I look for areas that have a wide variety of backgrounds, textures and that photograph really well in afternoon light. They are also usually free, don't require permits and are safe.

• With that in mind, what kind of a person are you? Outdoorsy? Artsy? Classic? Beach bum? Kid who just wants to get this over with?

• Here's a fun secret. Senior photos have very little to do with location and a lot to do about what's going on with your expressions. It's about feeling comfortable with me and letting me reflect your personality through your senior photos. It's not about arches and backgrounds making it appear that you live at Hogwarts!

• Most seniors and their parents (well... mainly the parents), really worry about where we're going to take our photos. I mean, they really worry about it and most of them come to the conclusion that their senior photos need to be taken at Cranbrook or Meadowbrook.

• While I agree that both those places are lovely and very photogenic, they are both privately owned and not open to the public. If your senior does go to Cranbrook, however, I can make arrangements to photograph there.

• If cool architecture is something you want with your senior photos, I have lots of ideas for locations that are happy to have us there.

• Here are senior photos that showcase some of the locations that I frequent often. If you have a place that means something special to me, I'm happy to give it try with a 2 hour session!

• If you do have a different location in mind, please keep in mind that it will require a 2 hour session. You would effectively be booking out my afternoon. Most of the unique locations my clients come up with also require permits and fees. I know just about all of them, so please ask.

Please note that I photograph weddings just about every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Those days are reserved for my wedding clients.

I photograph all my portraits Monday - Thursday unless you book me for a 4 hour session. Evening appointments are always available M-TH.

     Book me once and receive $50 off all your other photo sessions for life!

Contact information for Marci Curtis, phone numbers and email address.

Please email me to check availability!

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Having had two high school students myself, I understand how overwhelming it can be choosing a senior picture photographer. Things have changed quite a bit with how senior photos are taken even within the past ten years. Even though most school recommend certain studios for their senior photos, most of those are big contract photography studios that simply cannot offer you individualized service or take the time with your senior to put them at ease and work on bringing out their personalities. None offer the option to print what you'd like and give you ownership of your senior pictures.

Hopefully you've explored these senior photo albums showing you the wide variety of locations I can offer my metro Detroit, Michigan seniors. I love exploring new locations, so if you have a place in mind that's not too far from Troy, Michigan where your senior would like to have their high school senior pictures taken, just let me know. Successful senior photos are more about textures and lighting that backgrounds, so I'm happy to go anywhere!

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