Tips To Avoid Getting Sick On Your Honeymoon

Traveling? Here are ways to keep healthy and happy.

medications, supplements that help prevent illness while traveling.

Looking for ways to avoid getting sick on your honeymoon? Are you traveling to a place you haven’t been before or heard horror stories about visiting? This may be one of the most expensive vacations you’ve ever taken and it doesn’t hurt to come prepared.

Tip #1 – Start Early!

Before you leave, start preparing your body to boost your immunity system.

Two weeks before you go, you’re going to get in the habit of doing these three things that Dr. Voravit Ratanatharathorn (the head of the the stem cell transplant team at Karmanos who knows a thing or two about keeping healthy) recommends. He says if you do these three things, you will never be sick again.

  1. Wash your hands after it comes in contact with things. Either soap or antibacterial goop will do.
  2. Gargle with warm salt water three times a day to kill germs in the throat.
  3. Sniff Saline Nasal Spray three times a day to kill germs in the nasal passages. Don’t cheap out at the Dollar Store… they don’t necessarily use distilled water in the spray and that’s kind of important!

Tip #2 – Boost Before You Leave

4 days before you leave, start taking Pepto Bismal (pills or liquid) to coat your stomach. It makes it much harder for anything tainted to stick. It will literally make anything disagreeable slide on through. You will need to take two doses twice a day for the entire trip and a few days afterwards. Start drinking lots of water to keep hydrated for the trip.

Tip #3 – Before You Board

Take your Airborne before heading to the airport and a dose of Oscillococcinum that will melt under your tongue. Keep drinking lots of water to keep hydrated for the trip. I know, crawling over people to constantly pee is annoying, but so is being dehydrated!

Tip #4 – Daily Maintenance

So now comes your daily regimen. In the morning, use saline nasal spray, gargle with warm salt water, take your Pepto Bismal, an Airborne and now add in one raw Oregano oil pill (with food… it’s a little harsh but gives you lovely oregano flavored burps your new spouse won’t mind… cause they’ll have them too!). This pill kills all sorts of things. It’s nature’s antibiotic and will help to keep germs from sticking around.

Are you seeming a theme here? Making your body a inhospitable as possible to bacteria and viruses is the ultimate goal.

Tip #5 – If You Feel A Bug A Coming…

The second you feel a bug coming (cold, flu, whatever), start taking Zicam Nasal Spray. This stuff is a freaking miracle! It will either head off whatever is coming, or if you can’t stop it quick enough, it will very much shorten the duration of the bug and make it less severe. It’s systemic, so it’s not like those zinc pills that give you a stomach ache (or makes you throw up). Really, this stuff is amaze-balls!

Clearly I am NOT A DOCTOR! But I’ve got a family full of people with compromised immune systems who still love adventure and travel and we’ve learned a LOT about how to keep healthy while we travel the world. When you’re living your best life, on an expensive fun romp, you don’t have time to get sick. And getting ill in a foreign country isn’t much fun. So try these tips, stock up on these goodies and have a happy, safe and healthy vacation and honeymoon!

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